Anosognosia and neuroimaging predictors of cognitive decline in dementia

Researcher: Jaime Mondragon Uribe, MSc (PhD student) Thesis defense date: September 15, 2021 First promotor: Prof. dr. Peter-Paul De Deyn Funding: Conacyt This Ph.D. thesis titled, Anosognosia of memory deficits in dementia: biomarkers, connectivity, and clinical aspects, is an effort to shed light on a neuropsychiatric phenomenon that has both academic research, as well as […]

Specific neurophysiological markers and the use of serious gaming for diagnosing SLI and dyslexia

Researcher: Camila Martinez Rebolledo, former PhD student Thesis defense: December 10, 2020 First promotor: Prof. Ben Maassen, PhD Funding: Conicyt Children with developmental language disorder (DLD) have an increased risk of developing reading difficulties. However, the DLD group is a heterogeneous group and individual children with DLD may be present with different challenges depending on particular […]

Neurolinguistic profiles of developmental dyslexia in a longitudinal perspective

Researcher: Ellie van Setten, former PhD student  Thesis defense: January 10, 2019 First promotor: Prof. Ben Maassen, PhD (Dyslexia, RuG) Collaborators: Prof. Aryan van der Leij, PhD (UvA, Amsterdam), Titia van Zuijen, PhD (UvA, Amsterdam), Britt Hakvoort, PhD (UvA, Amsterdam) Funding: NWO-GW Dyslexia is a specific learning disability characterized by severe problems with fast and / […]

Visualization of brain connectomics data

Researcher: Chengtao Ji, former PhD student Thesis defense: October 15, 2018 First promotor: Prof. Jos Roerdink, PhD (Computer Sciences, RuG) Collaborators: Jasper van de Gronde, PhD Funding: CSC The brain is the most complicated organ of our body. Modern imaging techniques provide a way to help us to understand mechanisms of brain function underlying human behaviour. […]

Serious gaming for early identification and prevention of dyslexia

Researcher: Toivo Glatz, former PhD student Thesis defense: October 29, 2018 First promotor: Prof. Ben Maassen, PhD (Linguistics, RuG) Collaborators: Dr. Wim Tops, PhD Funding: NWO Across languages, 10 to 15% of children fail to attain standard reading levels, making early detection and rehabilitation of existing and potential reading problems a worldwide mission. This thesis reports upon […]

Visualization and quantification of exergame data

Researcher: Venustiano Soancatl Aguilar, former PhD student Thesis defense: March 19, 2018 First promotor: Prof. Jos Roerdink, PhD (Computer Sciences, RuG) Copromotor: Dr. Claudine Lamoth, PhD (Human Movement Sciences, RuG) Collaborators: Dr. Jasper van de Gronde, PhD, Dr. Mike van Diest, PhD, Prof. Ben Maassen, PhD, Toivo Glatz, MSc Funding: Conacyt Recently, digital games controlled by […]

Quantification of symptoms of movement disorders employing motion sensors

Researcher: Octavio Martinez Manzanera, MSc (PhD student) Thesis defense: February 8, 2017 Copromotor: Jan Willem Elting, MD, PhD Collaborators: Prof. Marina de Koning-Tijssen, MD, PhD, Han van der Hoeven, MD, PhD, Martijn Beudel, MD, PhD, Robert Borgemeester, MD, Prof. Teus van Laar, MD, PhD, Tinka Lawerman, Ineke Lunsing, MD, Rick Brandsma, MD, Deborah Sival, MD, PhD,  Andrea Mannini, PhD (Scuola […]

Brain networks involved in essential tremor (ET): elucidating tremor pathophysiology using EMG-fMRI

Researcher: Marja Broersma (PhD student) Thesis defense: 1 november 2017 Second promotor: Prof. Marina de Koning-Tijssen, MD, PhD Collaborators: Fleur van Rootselaar, MD, PhD (AMC, Amsterdam), Arthur Buijink, MD, PhD, Madelein van der Stouwe, MD, PhD Funding: Prinses Beatrix Fonds EMG-fMRI was employed to identify the brain network involved in tremor generation in a homogeneous group of […]

Neurophysiological studies of reading fluency

Researcher: Rui Qin, PhD Thesis defense: 2016 First promotor: Prof. Ben Maassen, PhD (Linguistics, RuG) Collaborators: Martijn Wieling, PhD Funding: CSC Developmental dyslexia is a neurobiologically based learning disorder that impairs a child’s ability to read and write. To minimize the detrimental effects of dyslexia, it is important to provide optimal intervention at the youngest possible […]

DiPAR: Diagnosing Parkinson’s Disease by neuromuscular function evaluation

Researcher: Esther Smits, PhD Thesis defense: 2016 Second promotor: Prof. Marina de Koning-Tijssen, MD, PhD Collaborators: Prof. Nico Leenders, MD, PhD, Rutger Zietsma, PhD (Manus Neurodynamica LtD, Newcastle, UK), Mark van Gils (VTT, Tampere, Finland), John Watt (University of Glasgow, UK), Olaf Schroeder (Pattern Expert, Borsdorf, Germany), Heinrich Grüger (Fraunhofer Institute, Dresden, Germany), Harald von […]