IEEE Spark: inspiring high school students

As a senior member of IEEE I was happy to see that they just launched a new website – IEEE Spark – aimed at 14-18 year olds who want to learn more about careers in engineering, technology and computing. It features articles on technological innovation, university preparation tips, professional career profiles, at-home activities, cartoons, and […]

Diagnosis by machine

One of my scientific interests is the use of EEG or fMRI for diagnosis of neurological disorders in individual patients. So far, most studies (including my own) have been able to find statistically significant differences between groups of patients or between patients and healthy subjects. But, as not everyone realizes, these results unfortunately do not […]

The Netherlands: a country for young (and older) women?

It is not always easy to find female role models, which is one of the reasons why I volunteer for ‘Spiegelbeeld’, a Dutch initiative to show female highschool students that maths, physics and all exact sciences in general are highly interesting (i.e. not dull or boring at all), are applied in more practical areas than […]

Travelling wave NMR

In the February 19 2009 issue of Nature David Brunner and Klaas Pruessmann from ETH Zurich showed that by using travelling instead of standing radio-frequency waves to acquire MR images, it becomes possible to obtain high-quality images of larger parts of the body at once. More importantly from the perspective of a patient, even at 7T […]

TED: talks by great researchers for everyone

TED provides 15 minute presentations by both eminent researchers and young rising stars on very diverse subjects. Both very interesting from a content point of view, but also to learn how to present your topic in only 15 minutes in an accessible, thought-provoking and entertaining way. I loved the talks by Ramachandran and by Petsko on the […]