The Netherlands: a country for young (and older) women?

It is not always easy to find female role models, which is one of the reasons why I volunteer for ‘Spiegelbeeld’, a Dutch initiative to show female highschool students that maths, physics and all exact sciences in general are highly interesting (i.e. not dull or boring at all), are applied in more practical areas than they can think of (even in hospitals) and not just for boys who score super grades. Another way to find female role models is to check out the website of a media organisation called ‘No Country for Young Women’ that highlights female role models in science, engineering and IT, worldwide. So far, most role models are American, but a few Dutch role models have been added in the past couple of months, such as Emily Jacometti, Commercial Director & Co-founder at Flavour in Amsterdam and Karin Sluis, a civil engineer working as director Spatial development and mobility with Witteveen+Bos Consulting engineers in Deventer. A website to check out regularly and mention to your female (and male) students!

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