Cervical dystonia: Abnormal cerebral activation patterns related to preparation and execution of hand movement

Researcher: Paulien de Vries, MD, PhD Other supervisors: Nico Leenders, MD, PhD, Bauke de Jong, MD, PhD Thesis defense: 2008 Cervical dystonia (CD) is a movement disorder characterized by sustained involuntary muscular contractions which cause repetitive twisting movements and abnormal postures of the head. CD is primarily a brain disorder. Several studies show that CD […]

Multichannel EEG: towards applications in clinical neurology

Researcher: Wilma van de Wassenberg, PhD Other supervisors: Nico Leenders, MD, PhD, Han van der Hoeven, MD, PhD Thesis defense: 2008 (winner BCN Thesis award) Electroencephalogram (EEG) measures the electric activity produced by the brain with electrodes placed on the scalp. It is used for monitoring or as diagnostic tool for neurological disorders. In practice […]

Multichannel EEG visualization

Researcher: Michael ten Caat, PhD Other supervisor: Jos Roerdink, PhD Thesis defense: 2008 Electroencephalography (EEG) measures electrical brain activity by electrodes attached to the scalp. Multichannel EEG refers to a measurement with a large number of electrodes. EEG has clinical as well as scientific applications, including neurology, psychology, pharmacy, linguistics, and biology. In particular for […]

Biochemical and neurophysiological parameters of acute brain injury

Researcher: Jan Willem Elting, MD, PhD Other supervisors: Jacques de Keyser, MD, PhD, Han van der Hoeven, MD, PhD, Joukje van der Naalt, MD, PhD Thesis defense: 2008 Acute hersenschade wordt meestal veroorzaakt door een beroerte (CVA) of door een ongeluk. Jan Willem Elting bespreekt in zijn proefschrift twee technieken die zijn gericht op het […]

Coupled models for hemodynamic simulations

Researcher: Gerk Rozema, MSc (PhD student) Expected thesis defense: 2017 First promotor: Prof. Arthur Veldman, PhD (Mathematics – RuG) Funding: RuG In this project theory is developed and simulations are performed for a computational fluid dynamics model of the carotid artery, using ComFlo and a 0D-model for the circulation coupled to an elastic model for the wall. References […]