Visualization of brain connectomics data

Researcher: Chengtao Ji, former PhD student Thesis defense: October 15, 2018 First promotor: Prof. Jos Roerdink, PhD (Computer Sciences, RuG) Collaborators: Jasper van de Gronde, PhD Funding: CSC The brain is the most complicated organ of our body. Modern imaging techniques provide a way to help us to understand mechanisms of brain function underlying human behaviour. […]

Serious gaming for early identification and prevention of dyslexia

Researcher: Toivo Glatz, former PhD student┬áThesis defense: October 29, 2018 First promotor:┬áProf. Ben Maassen, PhD (Linguistics, RuG) Collaborators: Dr. Wim Tops, PhD Funding: NWO Across languages, 10 to 15% of children fail to attain standard reading levels, making early detection and rehabilitation of existing and potential reading problems a worldwide mission. This thesis reports upon […]