Lecture for high school students on math in medicine

Especially for high school students the Pre University Academy of the University of Groningen organises a couple of lectures each year. The lectures, sometimes with a nice excursion, give a look into the different studies that the University of Groningen has to offer. The lectures (in Dutch) are given by professors and university lecturers of […]

BCN YouTube channel with Ted-like talks on neuroscience

The first Tex-like talks of BCN researchers are now on BCN’s YouTube channel. BCN is the Groningen research school of Behavioural and Cognitive Neurosciences and the first talks are already as diverse as the disciplines of the affiliated researchers and faculties. Check out Prof. Pim van Dijk talking about ‘A curious case of tinnitus’, Dr. […]

Famelab Groningen is here again!

This Thursday March 9, 2017, I have the honor and great pleasure of chairing the jury of the Famelab Groningen heat for the third time. Famelab, organized by the British Council as a worldwide competition, tries to encourage more people who work in science and engineering to engage with the public, and to help them develop the skills […]