Coupled models for hemodynamic simulations

Researcher: Gerk Rozema, MSc (PhD student)

Expected thesis defense: 2017

First promotor: Prof. Arthur Veldman, PhD (Mathematics – RuG)

Funding: RuG

In this project theory is developed and simulations are performed for a computational fluid dynamics model of the carotid artery, using ComFlo and a 0D-model for the circulation coupled to an elastic model for the wall.


Linking an artery to the circulation: introducing a quasi-simultaneous coupling approach for partitioned systems in hemodynamics. J. Vander Sloten, P. Verdonck, M. Nyssen, J. Haueisen (Eds.): ECIFMBE 2008, IFMBE Proceedings 22, pp. 1930–1934, 2008. © Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2009
Rozema G, Maurits N.M., Veldman A.E.P.

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