Brain networks involved in essential tremor (ET): elucidating tremor pathophysiology using EMG-fMRI

Researcher: Marja Broersma (PhD student)

Thesis defense: 1 november 2017

Second promotor: Prof. Marina de Koning-Tijssen, MD, PhD

Collaborators: Fleur van Rootselaar, MD, PhD (AMC, Amsterdam), Arthur Buijink, MD, PhD, Madelein van der Stouwe, MD, PhD

Funding: Prinses Beatrix Fonds

EMG-fMRI was employed to identify the brain network involved in tremor generation in a homogeneous group of ET patients with the aim to enhance our understanding of ET pathophysiology, contribute to the discussion on ET as a ‘family’ of movement disorders and help determine the best clinical care for individual ET patients. In addition, (r)TMS was investigated for its potential as a treatment for functional (movement) disorders.


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