Upcoming PhD defense Octavio Martinez Manzanera

I’m proud to announce the upcoming PhD defense of Octavio Martinez Manzanera on February 8 at 16:15 in the Aula of the Academiegebouw in Groningen. The defense is open to the public, so please feel free to attend.

The title of his thesis is ‘Quantification of symptoms of movement disorders employing motion sensors’. In five chapters, of which four have been published and the fifth is submitted, Octavio explains how movements recorded with inertial measurement units, signal analysis methods and machine learning methods can be employed to aid in the assessment, diagnosis and monitoring of movement disorders. Symptoms that Octavio studied were tremor, bradykinesia and ataxia.Front cover thesis Octavio

The cover, that Octavio designed himself and that is displayed here, integrates different important aspects of his work. We see random forests, patients with ataxia, decision trees and even the manipulation of the photos used was done with a machine learning method.

I’m glad Octavio will be staying as a postdoc in my group till September so that we can continue working on this interesting and fruitful line of research.

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