Visualization and quantification of exergame data

Researcher: Venustiano Soancatl Aguilar, former PhD student

Thesis defense: March 19, 2018

First promotor: Prof. Jos Roerdink, PhD (Computer Sciences, RuG)

Copromotor: Dr. Claudine Lamoth, PhD (Human Movement Sciences, RuG)

Collaborators: Dr. Jasper van de Gronde, PhD, Dr. Mike van Diest, PhD, Prof. Ben Maassen, PhD, Toivo Glatz, MSc

Funding: Conacyt

Recently, digital games controlled by real-time body movements (exergames) have been proposed as an innovative method to improve balance among older adults. One of the main challenges for exergames is to automatically quantify balance during game-play to adapt the game difficulty according to the skills of the player. We employ multidimensional data analysis, using visualization of force plate and Kinect data, to establish suitable measures for quantifying balance in real-time.


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