Are you a student looking to gain some research experience?

We are currently looking for a student who can aid us in our research on quantification of symptoms in movement disorders. Specifically, we would like some help with our ongoing project ‘Quantification of the SARA scale in patients with early onset ataxia’. Ataxia is a movement disorder characterized by the lack of movement coordination. It […]

Micro-TMS increases heat pain threshold

On April 19, 2013 we published an article in PLoS One describing how weak pulsed electromagnetic fields can increase heat pain threshold in healthy volunteers. The study employed a double-blind, sham-controlled, crossover design. The flexible configuration with small coils on a head cap improves clinical applicability. The press release that came out on April 22, […]

Older brains communicate differently

Ageing makes the networks in our brain less specific. Linda Geerligs, one of my PhD students, used connectivity analysis of fMRI results to prove that the connections in our brain change as we grow older. When compared with their younger counterparts, connectivity in the brain networks of older people decreases, while connectivity between brain networks […]

Open Access publishing does not endanger scientific quality and improves accessibility

André Aleman and I wrote a letter to NRC (a Dutch newspaper) in response to an opinion piece by Prof. Jacintha Ellers. Our point was that, in contrast to Prof. Ellers’ opinion, Open Access publishing does not endanger scientific quality and allows access to scientific results for all.