Are you a student looking to gain some research experience?

We are currently looking for a student who can aid us in our research on quantification of symptoms in movement disorders. Specifically, we would like some help with our ongoing project ‘Quantification of the SARA scale in patients with early onset ataxia’.

Ataxia is a movement disorder characterized by the lack of movement coordination. It is assessed by a clinician employing the scale for the assessment and rating of ataxia (SARA). Despite the ubiquitous use of the scale, individual bias can be present in the assessment. In this project, inertial sensors are employed to record the movements executed by patients while they perform the tasks for each of the items of the SARA. Different features are extracted and analyzed from the recorded signals. With the purpose of obtaining a more accurate SARA assessment, these features are entered in an automatic classifier that employs machine learning algorithms.

You would aid in data collection from patients diagnosed with early onset ataxia, and in evaluating and (pre-)processing the signals. You will learn all the necessary steps to obtain a proper recording of the movements of a patient while they execute the SARA items. You will learn about calibration and synchronization procedures, about signal processing and you could be involved in (pediatric and adult) patient care. Your involvement would be for a minimum of 4 months, for at least 1-2 mornings/afternoons per week, to be agreed upon jointly.

If you are a last year BSc or a MSc (medical, human movement sciences, biomedical technology, technical medicine) student with preferably some programming experience, please get in touch through email at n.m.maurits (at) orĀ  o.e.martinez.manzanera (at)

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