Differentiating between Paediatric Ataxia and Developmental Coordination Disorder using video- based movement quantification with deep neural networks

Researcher: Wei Tang, MSc (PhD student) Expected thesis defense: 2025 Other promotors: Dr. Peter van Ooijen (DASH, Radiotherapy, UMCG), Dr. D.A. Sival (Pediatric Neurology, UMCG) Funding: Chinese Scholarship Council “Ataxia” refers to the impairment of the expected smooth performance of targeted directional movements, leading to impaired coordination, such as instability when walking, limbs shaking, slow […]

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We are currently looking for a student who can aid us in our research on quantification of symptoms in movement disorders. Specifically, we would like some help with our ongoing project ‘Quantification of the SARA scale in patients with early onset ataxia’. Ataxia is a movement disorder characterized by the lack of movement coordination. It […]