Euronews crew at UMCG

euronewsOn Wednesday February 29th, a Euronews camera film crew will visit my group to shoot material for a documentary on our research in the FP7 DiPAR project (Diagnosing Parkinson’s disease using neuromuscular function evaluation). Some of our partners (Manus, VTT, University of Glasgow, Hispafuentes) will join us on this day to be interviewed and one patient and one healthy control subject will also be filmed and interviewed. These shots will be part of a documentary on research into Parkinson’s disease in the EU on the occasion of World Parkinson day on April 11. Last year on World Parkinson day, the movement disorders group of the UMCG presented all research into Parkinson’s disease on the National Parkinson Exhibition in Utrecht and this event provides another opportunity to generate attention for research into this disabling disease that affects so many people.

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