Differentiating between Paediatric Ataxia and Developmental Coordination Disorder using video- based movement quantification with deep neural networks

Researcher: Wei Tang, MSc (PhD student) Expected thesis defense: 2025 Other promotors: Dr. Peter van Ooijen (DASH, Radiotherapy, UMCG), Dr. D.A. Sival (Pediatric Neurology, UMCG) Funding: Chinese Scholarship Council “Ataxia” refers to the impairment of the expected smooth performance of targeted directional movements, leading to impaired coordination, such as instability when walking, limbs shaking, slow […]

Use it or Lose it? An interdisciplinary approach to understanding the adaptation of the ageing brain to a fast-changing world

Researcher: Celina Putz, MSc (PhD student) Expected thesis defense: 2023 Other promotors: Prof. dr. Monicque Lorist (first promotor), Prof. dr. Martien Kas (second promotor) Funding: UMCG The past two decades have been marked by a major growth in technology being incorporated into society and public services. At the same time, we are faced with an […]

Near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) for monitoring cerebral autoregulation: fundamental insights and clinical applications

Researcher: Nick Eleveld, MSc (PhD student) Expected thesis defense: 2023 Other promotors: Dr. Jan Willem Elting, MD, PhD (Neurology, UMCG), Dr. Gea Drost, MD, PhD (Neurology, UMCG), Prof. dr. Tony Absalom (Anesthesiology, UMCG) Funding: UMCG Maintenance of adequate cerebral perfusion is crucial for normal brain function. One of the main mechanisms securing adequate cerebral perfusion […]