Specific neurophysiological markers and the use of serious gaming for diagnosing SLI and dyslexia

Researcher: Camila Martinez Rebolledo, MSc (PhD student)
Expected thesis defense: 2018

First promotor: Prof. Ben Maassen, PhD

Funding: Conicyt

Despite decades of intensive research, relatively little is known about specific markers of dyslexia and SLI. In clinical practice the differentiation among developmental language disorders at the behavioral level relies on the discrepancy criterion, most notably in the diagnosis of dyslexia. That is, dyslexia is defined as poor reading and spelling skills in relation to general cognitive and linguistic abilities. However, the discrepancy criterion is invalid precisely because of the co-morbidity mentioned above. Thus, reading fluency of children with SLI is generally poorer than reading fluency of typically developing children, and language development of children with dyslexia tends to stay behind. The aim of this study is to help the field forward by finding specific neurocognitive and neurophysiological indicators that differentiate between SLI and SRD.

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