The role of arm swing in human gait: a study in healthy participants and Parkinson patients

Researcher: Joyce Weersink, MSc (MD/PhD student) Expected thesis defense: 2022 Copromotor: Dr. Bauke de Jong, MD, PhD (Neurology, UMCG) Collaborators: Prof. dr. Teus van Laar, MD, PhD (Neurology, UMCG) Funding: UMCG Locomotion of quadrupeds, with abrupt switches between e.g. trot and gallop, obviously requires coordinated action of four limbs. Bipedal gait in human similarly exhibits […]

Anosognosia and neuroimaging predictors of cognitive decline in dementia

Researcher: Jaime Mondragon Uribe, MSc (PhD student) Expected thesis defense: 2021 First promotor: Prof. dr. Peter-Paul De Deyn Funding: Conacyt The aims of this project are to describe novel connectivity biomarkers associated with prodromal AD and progression to AD and to evaluate the association between anosognosia and cognitive reserve to neuroimaging biomarkers in prodromal and clinical […]